Genre: Shifter Romance

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  • Wildfire Griffin

    Wildfire Griffin begins a sequel series to Zoe Chant’s bestselling Fire & Rescue series, following a second generation of firefighters. My cover brief was to establish […]
    Wildfire Griffin by Zoe Chant
  • Protector Panther

    Cover for Protector Panther by Zoe Chant. This is part of the Defenders, Inc. series, which is action-based. I went with a teal/blue-and-orange color palette for this […]
    Protector Panther by Zoe Chant.
  • Firefighter Sea Dragon

    Cover for Firefighter Sea Dragon by Zoe Chant. I  composited locs onto this bodybuilder (and then tinted them blue) since I was unable to find a […]
    Firefighter Sea Dragon by Zoe Chant.
  • Firefighter Phoenix

    Cover for Firefighter Phoenix by Zoe Chant. Final book in the Fire & Rescue series. The models on the covers of this series are all looking […]
    Firefighter Phoenix by Zoe Chant
  • The Master Shark’s Mate

    Cover for The Master Shark’s Mate by Zoe Chant.  Chant needed an older model for her classic story of underwater-general-who-turns-into-megalodon meets grandma-who-turns-into-coyote at an all-inclusive shifter-only […]
    The Master Shark's Mate by Zoe Chant
  • The Dragon Marshal’s Treasure

    The author requested a city background with a bit of a noir feel, so I used a street scene with a lot of bokeh (the out-of-focus […]
    The Dragon Marshall's Treasure by Zoe Chant
  • Honey for the Billionbear

    Have you ever really looked at a bunch of bear photos? Bears are so goofy! However, it works for this shifter romance, as the tone of […]
    Honey for the Billionbear by Zoe Chant