Random Shifter Romance Story Generator

Just for fun, I coded a random story generator that produces shifter romance story seeds. Visit it at

Examples of stories it’s produced:

The plot of this romance starts when Natalie, a shy woman, meets Isaiah, fixer and alpha badger shifter. Significant scenes occur onstage and in the woods. Featured tropes include Hero and Heroine Alternate Rescue/Protection, Organized Crime, and Professional Rivals.

The plot of this team romance starts when Caroline, a waitress, meets Frank, football player and cave bear shifter. Significant scenes occur on a wilderness adventure tour. Featured tropes include Family Strife, One Last Fling, Plain Jane Gets the Hottie, and Sex with Clothes On.

The plot of this romance starts when Tiffany, a child care professional, meets Emmanuel, fisherman and alpha stag shifter. Significant scenes occur while mountain climbing and on a cruise ship. Featured tropes include Different Worlds, Masquerade, and Sex in Vehicles.

The plot of this romance starts when Alexandra, a veterinarian, meets Carlos, billionaire venture capitalist and alpha grizzly bear shifter. Significant scenes occur at a crime scene. Featured tropes include Alpha Challenge, Beauty and the Beast, and Runaway Bride/Groom.

Give it a spin and see what you come up with!

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