Links: “The Art and Business of Book Covers”

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Today the Longreads Blog features seven articles about book covers.

Some of the pieces focus on design:

  • “Judge This: The Power of First Impressions,” by Chip Kidd:
  • “How to Judge the Cover of a Book,” by Kylie Boelte

Another looks at cover differences between books marketed to men and those aimed at women :

  • “The Second Shelf: On the Rules of Literary Fiction for Men and Women,” by Meg Wolitzer

The others are more thinky pieces about design:

  • “The Decline and Fall of the Book Cover,” by Tim Kreider
  • “They Become What They Behold, or, How Pretty Should a Book Be?” by Emily Keeler
  • “Judging Books By Their Covers,” by Mary Borkowski
  • “Hack the Cover,” by Craig Mod

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