July 3, 2019
5 reasons not to use free stock photos on your book cover.

5 Reasons Not to Use Free Stock Photos on Your Book Cover

Stock photos are ridiculously expensive if you don't buy a large credit pack or a subscription. And there's so many free photos and photos listed under a Creative Commons license on sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and Flickr. Why not save money and use a free stock photo on the cover of your book? STOP RIGHT THERE! Here are 5 things you must know before you click that download button.

June 17, 2019
Productivity Alchemy podcast logo

Links: Interview with Me at Productivity Alchemy and Stock Photo Model Posing Ideas from Norman Rockwell

Productivity Alchemy Earlier this spring Kevin Sonney of the Productivity Alchemy podcast recorded an interview with me that was released in March, while he and his […]
June 12, 2019
Cat sitting in front of computer monitor

Art assistants are so helpful

Cat's gonna cat.

June 10, 2019
Books in library

5 Fantasy Book Covers for Inspiration

Having a hard time finding creative inspiration for your fantasy book cover? Here's five book covers that might help.

July 1, 2018
Mockups of a self-published cover and a traditionally published cover.

How to spot if a cover is self-published

There is one major giveaway that says "Hello! I'm self-published!" on a cover. And I've been wondering for quite some time why it's so common--and why I've occasionally been guilty of it myself! I think I've found the answer!

June 7, 2018
Protector Panther by Zoe Chant.

“So why do you crop the heads off your models?”

If you look through the romance genres on Amazon, you've probably noticed tons of covers with models positioned so their heads are cropped off by the edge of the book, or turned away from the viewer. What's up with that?

August 27, 2016
Screenshot of one result from the generator.

Random Shifter Romance Story Generator

Just for fun, I coded a random story generator that produces shifter romance story seeds.

June 30, 2015
Rusty chain link


Here's an article on avoiding bad stock photos

June 22, 2015
Top Gun Tiger by Zoe Chant

Designing a Series Look: Zoe Chant Part II

In last week's post, I talked about being commissioned to create a cover template for Zoe Chant's paranormal shifter romances, her requirements, and researching her genre. As a prolific writer, she would be using several designers to create her covers, and needed a template that she could give to each designer to make sure that all her books looked like Zoe Chant books.

June 15, 2015
Firefighter Sea Dragon by Zoe Chant.

Designing a Series Look: Zoe Chant, Part I

If you're publishing a series, you want readers to identify books at a glance as belonging to that series. This is a bit easier to do if you've got one designer doing all the covers, but what if you've got more than one?